Top tips to deal with imposter syndrome

Sunita Harley


Imposter syndrome is all about doubting your own skills, strengths and talents. You can even make yourself believe that you’re not good enough as others. You may feel like a fraud when you’re trying to hustle through your work, business or other priorities. So here’s some tips to deal with imposter syndrome.

It’s an everyday thing…Imposter syndrome can pop in our heads on an everyday level, whether we’re working for companies, freelancers, looking after our families, running our own businesses or leading our households. It affects our career, our confidence and our wellbeing. So be aware of it so you can gradually train your brain to ignore it. Imposter syndrome can really slow down your confidence.

You’re better than you think you are… We’re our own worst critics. We know our faults inside out. So those feelings cloud our confidence. We dampen our own strengths and achievements. So remember what makes you great – it could be small things too.

You never see the full picture of someone else’s success…It’s easy to assume others are the real experts. Really successful people may not always share their failures. So, we will never know exactly what they’ve been through to get where they are. We may not know what hard work has gone on behind the scenes to make them a perceived expert. We have no idea how much time and energy they’ve invested in their learning and experience to get where they are. You can learn more tricks on dealing with what I call comparison culture here.

Start using your skills... If you feel you aren’t a true expert, just start using the skills you have. To become better we need to do more. Being a thinker is fine but being a doer will remind you more of why you’re an expert too. That’s what I love about coaching people through their careers and pursuits. It’s about helping others to use their existing talents and figuring out a way forward. Don’t forget to list all of your future skills. We all have a different combination of things that make us great.

Learn from others…If you feel you aren’t a true expert, what is it that you admire in others? What is it that makes them an expert? What can you learn from them? How can you learn from them? Can you drop them a line to pick their brains for 10 minutes?

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