4 x Lucky Things Things®️Masterclasses - Sparkle pass

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4 x Lucky Things Things®️Masterclasses - Sparkle pass

The Lucky Things®️ Masterclasses have been designed to equip us with practical skills when it comes to looking after our confidence, career/business/projects and wellbeing. The GOLD package includes 3 Lucky Things®️ Masterclasses of your choice. 

When and what topics?

If you have purchased a Lucky Things®️ Masterclass pass, workshop lead Sunita will be in touch to confirm which masterclasses you would like to attend.

All Lucky Things®️ Masterclass  are delivered online via Zoom and are taking place during 2021.


The Lucky Things®️ Masterclasses are currently delivered online due to Covid-19 social distancing restrictions. Ticket owners can choose to attend the scheduled masterclass dates depending on how many masterclass passes have been purchased.

More about your masterclass lead

All Lucky Things®️ Masterclasses are designed and led by Sunita @luckythingsblog, a Coach, HR and development professional with 20 years' experience of developing others, running workshops and equipping them with the right tools to invest in their confidence, career and wellbeing. Sunita has been featured on the BBC on numerous occasions as well as working with global and well-known UK brands. Since 2016, Lucky Things®️ @luckythingsblog has been well-known for helping so many different individuals to look after their confidence, career and wellbeing.

Want to enjoy more than one masterclass? 

If you'd like to come along to more than one masterclass, check out the masterclass pass deals on the Lucky Things store:

2 masterclasses of your choice - Silver £24

3 masterclasses of your choice - Gold £33

4 masterclasses of your choice - Sparkle £40

Masterclass tickets may be transferable to other scheduled masterclass dates (depending on availability) and are non-refundable.

Please contact sunita@luckythings.co.uk or via @luckythingsblog on Instagram/Facebook if you have any questions.

Lucky Things®️ is all about looking after your confidence, career and wellbeing.

Thanks for looking.