Navigating Imposter Thinking Masterclass - Wednesday 27 January 2021 12.30pm

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Navigating Imposter Thinking Masterclass -  Wednesday 27 January 2021 12.30pm

This Lucky Things®️ Masterclass will help you tackle any imposter syndrome feelings (when we think we aren't good enough), by sharing practical tricks on managing your confidence in everyday work or life.

When and where?

The masterclass takes place on Wednesday 27 January 2021 12.30pm-1.45pm and is delivered via Zoom.

What have others said about the Navigating Imposter Thinking masterclass?

"This workshop helps to really break down the source of the imposter feeling.' Attendee, November 2020

" Welcoming and open forum to discuss and learn about imposter thinking and how to respond/combat imposter thinking'." Attendee June 2020

"The imposter thinking workshop is a safe and non judgemental space offering an opportunity for introspection into your own self doubting thoughts (away from the distraction of the daily grind). It's insightful and helpful in channelling the thought process, in turning those negative doubts into positive ones." Attendee, November 20

More about your masterclass lead

All Lucky Things®️ Masterclasses are designed and led by Sunita @luckythingsblog, a Coach, HR and development professional with 20 years' experience of developing others, running workshops and equipping them with the right tools to invest in their confidence, career and wellbeing. Sunita has been featured on the BBC on numerous occasions as well as working with global and well-known UK brands. Since 2016, Lucky Things®️ has been well-known for helping women to look after their confidence, career and wellbeing. During Covid-19 and 2020, Sunita continued to deliver her inclusive events and masterclasses online. 

Masterclass event tickets may be transferable between Lucky Things Masterclasses and events. Please note that Masterclass event tickets or Masterclass Passes are non-refundable.

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